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  • We provide a dedicated service to stylists, interior decorators and business owners for commercial fit outs and furnishing.

    And if we don’t have the exact piece you need, we can source it for you.


    Commercial projects
  • All our pieces tell a story. Perhaps of its place of origin in South East Asia or of the era it was created - which in some cases is 400 years ago.

    Get inspiration from the diverse ways we use our pieces - often not the way for which they were originally designed.


    Every piece tells a story
  • Come in to experience the most unique shopping experience in Melbourne.

    Be charmed and inspired by our eclectic range of one-of-a-kind furniture and unique home decorator items. A juxtoposition of old and new.


    Experience our showroom
  • Our unique pieces are not just for your living, dining or outdoor space.

    Let us inspire you with ideas on how to style your bathroom, bedroom or office.


    Be inspired by our range
  • Where does it come from?

    What was it originally used for?

    Our furniture and home decoration items become conversation pieces that add charm and character to your existing décor.


    Conversation pieces
  • We regularly receive new shipments of unique items you simply will not see in other stores. We hand select every item based on its character, uniqueness or style.

    Take a wander through our showroom for some inspiration.


    Unique gift ideas
  • Many of our pieces are one-offs. In that way, The Orient Express is truly unique.

    Add individuality and style to your home with one of our one of a kind furniture items or unique home decorator items.


    One of a kind treasures
  • Let us help you create a home you love coming home to.

    We can curate a selection of furniture and homewares to compliment your current living spaces. No purchase necessary.


    In-Home Styling
  • Our Industrial pieces are as much at home in contemporary residences, as in traditional.

    View our amazing range out of India - Sideboards, Cabinets, Tables, Bedsides and more.


    Express Living